CAREL เครื่องควบคุมอุณหภูมิ ir33+

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Product Manual : Carel ir33+ Brochure


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Additional information



Power supply

230 V 1~, -10% +15% 50/60 Hz

Front Dimension

81×39 mm

Mounting Hole

71×29 mm

ir33+ the maximum form of technology for professional refrigeration

In-depth knowledge of applications in the sector and the needs of the market has
allowed CAREL to design products that are technologically advanced and simple to
use, with special attention to details.

ir33+ is the evolution of the ir33 family, inheriting and extending all the features
that have made it a market benchmark over the years, in terms of:

• Appearance:
– touch keypad
– completely flat surface, for much better hygiene, in complete compliance with HACCP requirements
– new design and new layout of the

• Usability:
– larger and brighter display (30% bigger than the ir33), available in green, blue, red and white
– intuitive user interface: ON/OFF, dedicated alarm icons and direct muting of the buzzer
– context messages on the display while browsing

• Integration with monitoring and supervisory systems:
– Modbus® and CAREL protocols (with automatic recognition) available as standard on the entire range

• compatibility with ir33:
– drilling template, assembly, dimensions, wiring diagrams and parameters are the same as on the ir33