เครื่องกรองน้ำ Bluewater Pro 400 Series BLUEWATER


Series400 Series
ModelBluewater Pro


Customize your solution based on your needs
Delivering 6,912 liters or 1,826 U.S. gallons of purified water per day, Bluewater Pro 400 removes all known waterborne contaminants. One of the best investments you can make in the health and wellness of your family, the Bluewater Pro 400 removes unhealthy chemical contaminants, toxic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria. The water purifier can be installed under the kitchen sink, at your point-of-entry as a whole house solution, or it can pump up water from the local water source such as a river or lake. The Bluewater Pro 400 is also able to turn brackish water into pure, fresh water.

Patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology
Harnessing patented second generation reverse osmosis technology called SuperiorOsmosis™, Bluewater Pro 400 turns municipal water into pristine water for drinking, cooking and washing. You can connect the water purifier to the fridge to get pure ice cubes and to the dishwasher to ensure sparkling glassware and dishes.

Satisfy your thirst for quality
The Bluewater Pro delivers a new dimension to generating cleaner, healthier water in home environments by improving the entire drinking experience, from tabletop water served to family members, creating crystal clean ice, showering or washing the dishes.

Easy to install, maintain and use, Bluewater Pro 400 not only gives you your own source of on-demand pristine drinking water, but also means you can forget buying bottled water altogether. Satisfy your thirst for a healthier environment by transforming all your tap water at home into fresh water free of contaminants, from limescale to lead and chemicals.